GB 20-141M 22-16 AWG (1 mm²) Vinyl-Insulated Disconnect (0.25" Tab) - Male | ترامل معزولة ربع بوصة

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The Gardner Bender™ quick and always-reliable crimp-type wire terminals feature color-coded barrels denoting industry standard wire gauge sizes. Available in ring, spade, disconnect, and bullet styles. Vinyl insulated barrels provide a high degree of protection and carry a maximum 600V rating. Temperature ratings for the complete line are 75°C (167°F). You will find various terminals for various circuit protection devices, all insulated to last for those any environments. GB™ terminals are leading the industry in quality and durability.

  • Tab Size: 0.250 inch and Terminal Type: Male
  • INDUSTRY STANDARD Color-coded by wire gauge size
  • QUICK and RELIABLE crimp-type wire connectors
  • UL Listed with both Canadian and U.S. requirements
  • cULus Listed